Non Fungible Tokens or NFTs are created on the Ethereum Blockchain to represent ownership in virtual or real world assets, and cannot be divided. Tagbond uses the ERC1155 standard, which has more benefits than ERC721.

If you need more info on NFTs, read this - Non-Fungible Tokens - Explaining NFTs, ERC-721 and ERC-1155

Using Tagbond, anyone can create their own unique NFTs, or even a family of tokens. Each NFT has a token ID and a Base URL stored in a blockchain record. The URL is a location where more information can be shared, although this data can be changed. Optionally, more data in the form of key value pairs can be stored on the blockchain if you want a permanent immutable record.

The default base URL is, but this can be changed to whatever you want, if you want to control any data referred to by the token ID. For example on the rinkeby testnet chain you can test this out by creating an NFT, taking note of the token ID after it is created and adding this on to the end of the base URL -

On the Tagbond server we have a script that picks up the token ID which returns JSON format text like this

{"name":"TAG","description":"TAG","image":"","external_url":"","attributes":[{"trait_type":"NFT Type","value":"NFT"},{"trait_type":"TAG BOND","value":"1"},{"trait_type":"BURN DATE","value":"2020-05-19"},{"trait_type":"Issuer","value":"0xcc4d0743E5ab0Bd0A476082173396D190031AEBd"},{"trait_type":"COLLECTION NAME","value":"TAG","tokenType":"57896044618658097711785492504343953930378098368950605117825912685706015145984"}],"collection":"TAG","owner":"0xcc4d0743E5ab0Bd0A476082173396D190031AEBd"}

In the above you can see various bits of data including an image, some traits that come either from immutable data on chain or can be set up by yourself. Notice at the end, the Token also has a token type which also belongs to you. This way you could create a family of tokens, as we have done already for geoTAGS, and for TAG26 type tokens.

The Semi Fungible Tokens generator lets you create a number of NFTs, all with the same data, but each one is individually serialized. Again, they cannot be subdivided, so you cannot give someone half of a token. This option might be good for creating soldiers in a game, or share certificates for a company.