TAG Tokens (aka TagCoin)

Once upon a time a long time ago...

We created TagCoin in 2013 (in blockchain terms a lifetime ago) as an experiment at the time, since what we were building at Tagcash was an ewallet with rewards, and we thought a cryptocurrency might have some benefits. We had a developer fork Novacoin (which in itself was a fork of Peercoin) - it took 4 weeks to do (these days it takes a few seconds to create a coin or token). It was a scrypt based coin and is still running, but we didn't really continue pushing it as we were busy working to become an Electronic Money Issuer in the Philippines and unfortunately, there are restrictions and issues with mixing cryptocurrency with regulated emoney wallets. There was some interest in China in 2017 during the ICO craze and we talked about reviving it, but the Chinese crackdowns on ICOs stopped that.

In 2020 we recreated TAG on Ethereum (TAGBOND (TAG) Token Tracker | Etherscan) in preparation for use in a new product we are building called Tagbond, which is an ethereum Layer 2 chain for games and app building. We moved 900 million of the 1 billion Tokens created on Ethereum, to the Polygon network using their POS Bridge to make it cheaper to move around.  We also issued 1 Billion Tokens on Stellar to make it easier to trade or buy on their decentralised exchange, and 1 Billion TAG tokens as the native currency on the Tagbond chain, which is used as transaction gas and for payments. So that is a total of 3 billion tokens issued, and we have set the value at 3 cents for the first 1 billion sold to raise money for further growth of Tagbond. 500 million TAG is set aside for giveaways via apps and games created on Tagbond, and 1.5 billion kept for future endeavors.

Currently, TAG is needed as gas on Tagbond to create Non Fungible Tokens and ERC20 Tokens. Gas is also used for smart contract deployment, payments inside Tagbond, and for bonding into Non Fungible Tokens for release on future burns (the process of destroying a token on the blockchain and getting back embedded value).

Currently. TAG can be bought for USDT and USDC using Quickswap and Uniswap (both on Polygon), earned or bought inside Tagbond.com, and also traded on Stellar and moved easily back and forth between the Tagcash wallet and any external Stellar Wallets. We are also building a Token Bridge where TAG can be moved to and from the Ethereum Mainnet and the Tagbond chain. While that is being built we transfer manually.

I will  post future articles on other uses of TAG as they happen.:-)